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Making sure you're making wise financial decisions doesn’t stop once you’ve got a mortgage. Use NatWest's handy tools to understanding and manage your borrowing.

Take control of your household finances with NatWest

Manage my Mortgage

Stay in control with the easy way to manage your mortgage online. You can see your balance, check your loan to value amount, and change your payment details and payment dates by logging in.

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Save money by making overpayments

NatWest's simple calculator will show you whether you could repay your mortgage faster, or reduce the amount you pay each month, by making either regular monthly overpayments or a larger lump sum overpayment.

Save money by making overpayments

Switch to a new NatWest mortgage deal

If you're on a standard variable rate or your fixed deal is coming to an end we can help you view your options and switch online.

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Borrow more on your mortgage

You could borrow from £10,000 up to 90% of the value of your home to make home improvements. Find out about borrowing more on your NatWest mortgage.

Need to borrow more?

NatWest Reward Account

Get rewarded on 7 types of household bills paid by Direct Debit. Your Reward balance could grow quickly, they're easy to earn and they’re easy to exchange. And there's no limit to the Rewards you can earn. This account can be opened as a joint account. Eligibility criteria apply.

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Protect the things that matter

Take a look at options and get an online quote for Home Insurance or AIG Life Insurance at

Get an Agreement in Principle

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage